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Hsin Yueh and Hsin Yi are pipa musicians. 1st International Youth Peace Art AWard – 2014 Participate in performances. In December 2015, German Plassenburg castle pipa solo performance. In January 2016, Suzhou True Color Museum pipa solo performance; In February, 2016 Indonesia International Traditional Music Festival pipa solo; In March, Kunming pipa performance with Yunnan Nationalities University Music Department director Xie Xiaolei. In August 2017, Pipa performance, adaptation and recording of “Yang Lihua Taiwanese Opera-The Timeless Virtues”. In 2019, Grantees of Asian Cultural Council Taiwan Foundation, abbreviation ACCTF. In September, at the Taichung National Opera, “Butterfly In Love”, Double Pipa Concerto,NTSO Taiwan Youth Symphony Orchestra.

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