Kiran Nepali

He has performed in prestigious festivals and he has performed in the largest stadium in the UK, “Wemble Arena” London and the first Nepali Artist to perform in “ETIHAD STADUM” Manchester. He performed in various festivals as such as MAD Festival Chicago, Bestival UK, Sambhala Festival UK, Portmerion Festival UK, Chobi Mela Bangladesh, Edinburah Festival UK, MoMo Festival Melbourne, and so on. His music has taken him to various places around the globe such as US, Australia, UK, Europe, Malaysia, Hongkong, Korea, Japan, UAE, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and so on. He is also the Founder Director of Project Sarangi. In 2008 he joined the Band KUTUMBA a typical Folk ensemble and continued his Sarangi Journey. With the band he got the opportunity to explore more about the typical folk style of music extensively from east to west of Nepal. He has travelled to various places inside Nepal collaborating with local artists. In 2014 he joined the Popular Folk Rock Band “Bipul Chettri and the Travelling Band” and also performed extensively to various places.




Guest Speaker at the Tedx Birgunj

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